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One of the most popular ways for selling any equipment is using experienced auction services. For years this has been one of the quickest ways to sell into the market place and create capital quickly. At GAP Machinery, we manage all types of auctions combining our expertise of over 30 years in the business. Our philosophy has always been to maximize the return to the client and this is best done by creating big auctions to attract buyers. With the huge increase of online sales and marketing, we also focus on timed online auction events. Sometimes moving equipment is not cost effective, so we bring the auction to you. The world is a big market place and as more buyers are going online to find products, this creates a great opportunity for any client.

No job is too small or too big, we work directly with all businesses, such as Corporations, Trustees, Receivers, Banks, Municipalities, Agencies, Commercial Landlords, Public and Private clients to develop a plan where the sale of assets/equipment is arranged to maximize financial return.

Feel free to call us so we can discuss the many ways our auction services can help move your equipment quickly.